Runswick Bay to Sandsend Disused Railway Path

Start                     Ellerby Lane, Runswick
Finish                Carpark off Lythe Bank, Sandsend
Start Time        Apr 03, 2012 11:46 AM
Distance           8.75 miles
Duration           3h:23m:52s
Avg Speed        2.6 mph
Max Speed       19.0 mph
Calories            1010 kcal
Altitude            174 ft / 535 ft
Elevation          445 ft ↑ / 664 ft ↓
Weather           Heavy Drizzle - turning to persistant Rain and Gales towards Sandsend.
O/S Map          Explorer OL27: North York Moors (Eastern Area)
Terrain             Old Railway Trackbed and Cliff-Top paths - can be Uneven and Muddy in places.

GPS Route

Probably the easiest way to get to the start point on this walk is to get the number 5 or X5 bus to Runswick Bay Hotel from Whitby Bus Station (Park in Whitby) or Sandsend Hotel (Park in car park off Lythe Bank, where the walk finishes). This journey is 20 mins from Whitby or 12 mins from Sandsend.
When you get off the bus at Runswick, walk back along the road (Ellerby Lane) in the direction you just came from for about 1/2 mile.
When you see a small dip with a bit of fencing in the road on your right side, if you look left here you should see an embankment with some steps cut into it. Climb these and you will find yourself on the track bed Southbound!

Keep following the track South. You will soon come up to your first bridge, which is an over bridge - with 2 fields either side of it with Sheep in....they go freely under the bridge from one field to another!

Carry on heading South and towards Runswick Bay & Kettleness.....taking in some great views from the trackbed and passing more bridges.

Shortly you will be able to see Runswick Bay in the distance. Although we started out in Runswick, by the time you can see Runswick Bay from the track, we have done a loop of roughly 3 1/2 miles going inland then back to the coast!

And there she is.....'Runswick Bay'

After Runswick Bay we carry on down the track the direction we have been going, and out next port of call will be Kettleness.

Looking back to Runswick Bay

 As usual on these disused railway walks I keep an eye out for any signs from the old railway.....didn't spot much on this one (Bridges excepted), but that could be more to do with me having my hood up due to all the rain and not looking properly!  You do find the odd thing along the trackside though...if they are actually left over from the railway or not.......

Kettleness Station is soon upon us. This is private property, and there are signs telling you to keep off the land, which is fenced off. This building is now used by the scouts.

After passing Kettleness Station we have to leave the track as it goes onto private land on a farm for a few hundred meters. So, turn left and onto the road. Follow it as it vears left. You will see the North Sea to your right, and in the distance Runswick Bay!  Look for a signpost for Cleveland Way, Sandsend 3 miles. This will be pointing to the right. Take this track and walk along the Cliff-top footpath. To your right you will see the farm where the Disused Railway track is, and soon after you have passed the farm you will be able to rejoin the track...and you will then come to Kettleness Tunnel.

Occupation Bridge serving the farm

Kettleness Tunnel....You can walk the length of this, and it is relatively short, however, on this occasion my partner didn't want to walk through it (it was creaking and groaning quite loudly) so we gave it a miss.
If you do walk through, bear in mind that the South portal is heavily overgrown, and come out onto a cliff edge. I take no responsibility for anybody walking through it on my say so! And if you do decide to do it, let somone know that you are doing so....

From the Tunnel Entrance, go back to the track you left (Cleveland Way) and follow this along the Cliff Tops with the North Sea on your left, crossing several stiles  Keep following the signs for Cleveland Way, Sandsend.

Soon you should see a church spire. This is in the village of Sandsend. Continue on the cliff-top path.
As you approach Sandsend the path cuts across a field following a yellow arrow before descending a steep flight of steps to the bottom. These are uneven in places, and on the day we did this walk were a bit on the slippery side!
At the bottom of the steps you emerge beside the Disused Railway track as the track itself emerges from Sandsend Tunnel - you can see the entrance to this is bricked up.

Follow the Railway Trackbed towards Sandsend.

When the Carpark at Sandsend comes into view, you can see the Sandsend Station Building to your right. Again, like Kettleness Station, this is private property and you are told to keep off. 

Sansend Station

Take the stepped path on your left here and descend them to reach the carpark and the end of the walk.

From the Carpark, if you go onto the road and turn right you will be able to see the footings of the dismantled viaduct that crossed the road and beck you can see to your left.

More photos can be found here

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